Ronald Ray Rogers


My images are gathered from hiking, traveling and following my curiosity wherever it may lead.  I am on the lookout for the magical moment when the atmosphere collides with a solitary tree or grove, a composition where vegetation and earth speak.  It is a majestic time when the heavens align with earth creating a moment of tranquil peace.  My passion is for the peaceful, the sublime, the quiet place.  I view my subject matter with this passion.  As I find those distinct places, I capture the image through drawings, photos and writings.  Back in my studio, I allow the image to flow through me into my art.  The painting is created through the eye of my passion for the viewer to experience the peaceful part of life.  The image is a reflection of my love for the landscape as is experienced in my soul, not as a reflection seen by the camera.  It is a sharing of the essence of the subject through multiple layers of paint, subjective color and a minimalist expression.  It is the creation of an image that the viewer may peacefully connect with.


Artist Statement


Copyright 2013, Ronald Ray Rogers